In 2008, Vanessa co-founded WeAreTheCity with her husband, Stewart.

WeAreTheCity.com is a website dedicated to providing female and City centric information to professional women within the UK. WeAreTheCity.com currently has 120,000 members. The key focus behind WeAreTheCity is to provide an open and inclusive forum for women to learn and progress in their careers. WeAreTheCity also provides a suite of services to over 100 corporate organisations, helping them to attract, develop and retain their female talent.  Over the past ten years, Vanessa and her team have introduced lots of different initiatives to showcase and up skill women in business across the UK and India. 

These include, the Rising Star Awards, the TechWomen100 awards, two conferences, one for key leadership skills (WeAreFutureLeaders) and one for Technology (WeAreTechWomen). 

Vanessa also runs Gender Networks (a network for network leaders) and a Careers Club for women wanting to excel in their careers.  WeAreTheCity also offers a job board to its clients, helping them to achieve a more balanced slate of applicants.  Over the past few year’s WeAreTheCity has also won several awards for its services to Gender.

Vanessa also provides business advice to a number of female entrepreneurs and start ups. She also encourages young adults to consider a career in business by regularly speaking in schools.


WeAreTheCity.com is a multi award winning website dedicated to providing career based resources to professional women across the UK. WeAreTheCity.com currently has 120,000 members and helps over 100 corporate clients to attract, retain and develop their female talent through its suite of services.

The Rising Star awards, now in their fifth year has highlighted the achievements of over 400 cross-sector women across the UK and India. Rising Stars are supported by over 20 FTSE firms each year who help us to identify emerging talent, showcase their achievements and support their ongoing career journey through Careers Club.


The TechWomen100 awards, now in their second year has highlighted the achievements of over 50 female technologists across the UK. TechWomen100 are supported by over 10 FTSE firms who help us to identify emerging female tech talent, showcase their achievements and support their ongoing career journey through Careers Club.

WeAreTheCity’s Careers Club provides online access to WeAreTheCity’s e-learning platform, alongside four skills based events per year. The club enables our members to learn new skills alongside growing their personal networks. 

Gender Networks brings together a gender employee network of leaders, chairs, co-chairs and D&I leads from a broad range of industries and sectors to share the best practice, hear from industry experts and grow their network.

WeAreTheCityJobs advertises junior to mid-management roles for over 20 cross-sector clients. Through WeAreTheCity Jobs, we are able to help our clients to obtain a more balanced diverse and slate of applicants. Alongside the promotion of jobs, we also use engaging content to promote our clients’ brand as an employer of choice for women.

WeAreTechWomen is WeAreTheCity’s flagship conference for women working in technology.  The conference focuses on imparting technical skills to female technologists who want to prepare themselves for the future world of work.

WeAreFutureLeaders is WeAreTheCity’s educational conference for women who wish to progress their careers and pursue early leadership positions.  The conference runs annually and is supported by a number of leading FTSE firms.